China Organic Agriculture Acquires "Xiaoxinganling" Trademark

Liaoning based China Organic Agriculture has announce plans to diversify its range of products by entering into the distribution of soybeans, kidney beans, and mushrooms; and has signed an agreement to acquire the trademark "Xiaoxinganling" — an organic brand name.

China Organic's wholly owned subsidiary, Ankang (Dalian) Agriculture will acquire the Xiaoxinganling trademark from Jiayin County Daming Agriculture Byproducts along with distribution channels for several premium food products. For the past seven years, Daming Agriculture has been the sole legal owner of the Xiaoxinganling trademark, which is typically associated with select soybeans, kidney beans and mushrooms.

By acquiring the trademark China Organic aims to utilize consumer awareness of the Xiaoxinganling brand to further expand its line of food products.

China Organic Agriculture is an active trader of agricultural products in China. The company's business plan is designed to enable it to capitalize effectively on China's burgeoning economy and expanding class of consumers with the ability to acquire upscale products. The company has developed an extensive distribution network throughout many of China's major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing, and is positioned to leverage those networks to establish a wide distribution of a number of agricultural, food and related products.

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