Medical Device Outsourcing Solutions Firm Opens Shanghai Office

Creganna-Tactx Medical announced the opening of its first representative office in China.

The new office in Shanghai is being established to enable the company build upon its existing presence in the market by forging deeper partnerships with its foreign and domestic customer base in China. The Chinese medical device market continues to grow at 20% per annum and this latest addition to the company's global network reflects the continued commercial opportunity within the region.

The company says it selected Shanghai as its preferred location for its first representative office as it is home to a large cluster of existing customers and favored among leading medical device companies.

As a representative office, Creganna-Tactx Medical will not be able to directly sell services to Chinese clients or foreign firms' office in China. By law, a representative office can not invoice clients locally, so Creganna-Tactx Medical can only perform consultations, research, and support for current clients.

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