DKSH And OC Oerlikon Form Sales And Service Partnership For Mainland China And Taiwan

DKSH Holdings Ltd. and machine and plant engineering specialists Oerlikon Systems have reached an agreement that DKSH will take over all the sales and after-sales activities of Oerlikon Systems in Mainland China and Taiwan.

According to Trevor Norman, the international sales and market manager at Oerlikon Systems with the DKSH partnership, Oerlikon will be able to react quickly to local opportunities, and build upon their reputation in the market. He added that Oerlikon can benefit from the DKSH's strong network mainland China and Taiwan and will be able to reach and support their customers even better.

Luke Mitchell, the executive vice president for business unit technology at DKSH said that the equipment from Oerlikon Systems provides DKSH with a uniquely innovative and proven technology and they can now offer their Taiwanese and Chinese customers the most technologically advanced production facilities for PVD semiconductor production.

DKSH will become the exclusive representative for Oerlikon System's coating equipment in Taiwan and mainland China. They will also provide manpower and value-adding services in the area of installation, ramp-up, and customer service.

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