Solaria Brings More Focus To Its Solar Projects In China

U.S.-based Solaria Corporation says it has established operations in China to meet demand for high efficiency large-scale solar projects.

The company did not release important details yet about whether their newly ensconced China operations are part of a joint venture, wholly foreign-owned enterprise, or a simple representative office. The company has also not released the amount of capital it must bring in for its new operations, the scope of business in its potential operating license, and whether it can legally invoice its customers in China.

Solaria's current projects in China reportedly include several megawatt-size solar power plants under construction in Qinghai and Inner Mongolia. One project under development is for CECEP Solar Technology Company Ltd., one of China's largest solar power plant investors and operators.

Solaria says it offers optimized system solutions to provide the best performance and lowest cost across a wide variety of site location and conditions. Solaria's PV modules use patented low-cost technology to increase energy yield and provide reliable performance while matching form and fit of conventional modules. The modules, optimized for trackers, deliver up to 30% more energy than conventional fixed tilt systems. According to the company's latest press release, Solaria is also establishing a high-volume manufacturing facility at an undisclosed location in China.

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One thought on “Solaria Brings More Focus To Its Solar Projects In China

  1. Your snarky comments about Solaria's lack of transparency about what type of new operations they have shows they either have no damn clue about operating in China, the PR person writing that release has no clue about the importance of the entity, or they are really doing nothing and trying to make it look like something, which means your website China Sourcing is just as bad as they are for running this baloney news!!!

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