Guangdong Produced Hair Dyes Found To Contain Carcinogen

News from Guangdong Provincial Consumers' Commission is that five types of hair dye products, including some from Revlon, have been found to contain m-phenylenediamine, a listed carcinogen.

It is reported that a total of 29 samples from 21 companies were tested. The results showed that five of them contain m-phenylenediamine. And the five are Revlon hair dye (black) U.S. made by Revlon; Shengtai No. 1 Yingcui Nutrition and Protein Hair Dye made by Guangdong Hanbang Cosmetics Company; Xuewanmei Yancai Hair Dye (Natural Black) made by Zhongshan Jiadanting Daily Commodity Company; Ouweiya Herbal Color Hair Oil made by Zhaoqing Longhu Daily Chemical Factory; and Kangchen 3in1 Xin Xaisi Hair Dye made by Guangzhou Mengchen Cosmetics Company.

So far, Revlon says it has not received any notice of problems with their products.

M-phenylenediamine is a kind of industrial dye which is mainly used to dye furs and as an accelerator for cement slurry. It is widely known as a chemical that can cause gene mutation, cancer or malformation. It is banned for use in cosmetics.

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