Chinese Company Improves Cigarettes' Taste With New Technology

China Kangtai Cactus Biotech has signed a technology agreement with Shandong Yishui Ruibosi Tobacco, a subsidiary of China Tobacco Shandong Industrial Company, for a range of services.

To increase the quality and taste of China Kangtai Cactus's Sheng Cao cigarettes, the company has introduced a paper process technology that is broadly used internationally. The process produces a reconstituted tobacco sheet that is mixed with cactus and Chinese herbal medicine.

Xue Changsen, vice president of Ruibosi stated: "China Kangtai Cactus is an outstanding company that has shown remarkable growth in the cactus business. We have great confidence in the future sales of Sheng Cao cigarettes, which we believe will have very promising market prospects and growth potential. We have no doubt that consumers will like the taste very much."

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