Foxconn Eyes New Hunan Province Manufacturing Bases

Foxconn Group has signed a cooperation agreement with the provincial government of Hunan to build two new manufacturing and development bases in Changsha and Hengyang, respectively.

In the future, Foxconn's Changsha and Hengyang bases will be responsible for hardware manufacturing, software development, and the development, manufacturing and sales of new products. In addition, Foxconn will encourage its upstream and downstream partners to move their plants to Hunan.

According to reports in local media, Foxconn is optimistic about the labor resources in Hunan. Of Foxconn's nearly one million workers, about 100,000 are reportedly from Hunan province.

The reports also state that the Hunan government attaches great importance to Foxconn's contribution in Hunan and has taken the new bases as its major projects. The municipal governments of Changsha and Hengyang also said that they will optimize the investment environment, provide quality services, and offer preferential policies in land and taxes to Foxconn.

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