Grace Unveils New Chongqing Manufacturing Facility

U.S.-based cement firm W. R. Grace & Co. has opened a new manufacturing facility in Chongqing.

The facility houses manufacturing operations for cement additives and concrete admixtures, as well as a quality control lab and office areas for administrative and sales personnel. The additives are used by cement producers to improve grinding efficiency, reduce production costs, enhance the quality of cement, and reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The admixtures improve the quality, strength, durability and appearance of concretes.

The Chongqing facility is the latest investment in China to meet the specific needs of construction customers and joins four existing manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

The company also operates a research and development center in Beijing that houses chemical and physical testing facilities for cement additives, concrete admixtures, and waterproofing and fireproofing products. Employees there include scientists, chemists and engineers that work with local raw materials to develop products meeting specific needs of customers.

In recent months, Grace has announced other construction-related developments in international markets, including the formation of a joint venture in Saudi Arabia and the beginning of manufacturing operations in that country.

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