Achievo Opens Software Development Center In Wuxi

Achievo Corporation, a software outsourcing and information technology services provider, has opened a new research and development center in Wuxi, China.

Achievo offers its clients local account management and project delivery capabilities through its regional offices in Japan, North America, Europe and Greater China that are integrated with and supported by its offshore delivery centers in China and its headquarters in the United States.

Dr. Robert P. Lee, chairman and chief executive officer of Acheivo stated that Wuxi's proximity to Shanghai offers an advantage for Achievo's Japanese customers, as Shanghai is an important hub for Japanese business interests in China. He added that Achievo's Japan Business Group already enjoys a significant operation in Shanghai. Furthermore, establishing operations beyond China's large urban centers, such as Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, is an important part of their overall business strategy and a key differentiator between Achievo and its Indian counterparts. The large Indian-based IT companies are limited to specific regions that offer the necessary urban infrastructure. China, by contrast, has many urban as well as suburban centers with infrastructures already in place. He concluded that the company believes that establishing R&D centers in these cities shields Acheivo from the rapid inflation seen in larger metropolitan centers.

Known as "Little Shanghai," Wuxi was one of the first cities to benefit from China's expanded economic policies. The Wuxi government is devoting significant resources to the development and support of high technology and IT services outsourcing industries in this region. Achievo's new Wuxi offices are located in iPark, a new 150,000 square meter technology center that is home to more than 40 companies engaged in software development, IC design and digital animation. Achievo's new office spans 3,000 square meters.

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