Chinese Oil Firms' Activities In Sudan Analyzed In Report

China National Petroleum Corporation has formally published its 2009 corporate social responsibility report and a report on CNPC's activities in Sudan.

In particular, CNPC in Sudan is CNPC's second report focusing on a particular country following the Kazakstan Sustainable Development Report the company released in 2009.

CNPC states in the report that in the past 15 years since it entered cooperation with Sudan government on the development of petroleum in the country, it has helped Sudan establish a complete petroleum system and has made it one of the few countries in Africa that is developing its economy rapidly. In addition, it has attached great importance to safety management and environment protection. Furthermore, it has invested a lot on the public welfare causes in Sudan, such as building hospitals and schools and constructing roads, which has benefited more than 20 million people in Sudan.

CNPC's report says that with the global economic development, particularly the development of emerging countries, energy consumption will increase by 2% from 2011 to 2015. CNPC says that coal and natural gas will continue to be the two most wanted energy sources due the great demand of the power industry.

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