Guangdong Strengthens Environmental Protection

A group of 317 companies from the Nanhai District, Foshan in Guangdong, has signed a commitment letter with the local environment department on environmental protection.

These companies, all of which are reported to be from major polluting industries including glass, porcelain, leather, dyeing, and aluminum materials, have pledged that they will strictly abide by the relevant environment laws and regulations, prevent pollution and promote clean production to ensure their emissions are within the required standards, and carefully fulfill their environment and social responsibilities to maintain the normal operation of their waste gas, waste water, and dust processing facilities. The companies also said that they will stop operating for three months in the event of one illegal emission and will close-down voluntarily in the event of a second illegal emission.

A representative from Nanhai District Environment Bureau stated that the bureau will conduct a regular checkup on the fulfillment of their environmental commitments by these companies and it will evaluate the companies' environment performance by combining environmental management with an environmental credit appraisal.

It is understood that following the lead of these 317 companies, all companies in the district that produce to pollution emissions will sign a commitment letter with the environment department.

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