Hong Kong TCM Ingredient First To Be USP Verified

ONCO-Z Corious Versicolor Extract, which is produced by Hong Kong manufacturer PuraPharm International, recently became the first traditional Chinese medicine ingredient to become "USP Verified."

This indicates that the ingredient has passed the rigorous requirements of the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention's Dietary Ingredient Verification Program. USP is a scientific nonprofit organization that sets standards for the quality of medicines, dietary supplements and food ingredients, which are used in more than 130 countries. Through its voluntary ingredient verification programs, USP also assesses the quality of dietary supplement and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Through the Dietary Ingredient Verification Program, USP verifies ingredients used in the manufacture of dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts and nonbotanicals.

ONCO-Z Corious Versicolor Extract is a fungal product which is used as a health supplement in cancer treatments.

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