Hong Kong's i.Tech Launches Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset

Hong Kong-based mobile telecommunications accessories manufacturer i.Tech Dynamic, a subsidiary of Hutchison Harbour Ring, has launched SolarVoice 908, a Bluetooth headset which i.Tech says is the first solar powered headset featuring noise reduction.

The unit employs an advanced suite of digital signal processing software to reduce background noise and distortion. The noise reduction technology improves the sound quality of a signal by adaptively removing noise or hiding it from the listener through low-latency, low distortion, multi-band signal processing and psycho-acoustic masking.

SolarVoice also features Bluetooth's Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, or A2DP, which lets users stream songs from Bluetooth mobile phones or music devices. The headset also lets users hear audio content from videos played on A2DP-compatible multimedia devices and smartphones, such as the iPhone 3GS and the second generation iPod touch with 3.0 software. It can also receive audio content from YouTube and other Web sites.

According to i.Tech, SolarVoice's ear buds are specifically designed to allow air to reach the ear canal, which eliminates the feeling of deafness and fatigue users may experience during extended use of certain ear buds. The ear buds come in four sizes and are designed hold the headset firmly in place, so an ear hook is not necessary (although an ear hook comes as standard with the headset.)

For dull days and night-hawks the unit also has an internal lithium-ion battery, so it can be charged via A/C power or a computer USB port.

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