SCIPIG To Pipe HYCO To Bayer Polyurethanes In Shanghai

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Industrial Gases Company, a 50-50 joint venture between Praxair Inc. and Air Liquide, two leading global suppliers of industrial gases, was recently awarded a 15-year industrial gases pipeline supply contract to supply hydrogen and carbon monoxide to Bayer Polyurethanes (Shanghai) Company.

Under the contract, SCIPIG will further develop its existing industrial gas network and build a new HYCO plant, including a steam methane reforming unit and a carbon monoxide unit. The plant will have a total capacity of about 130,000 tons per year and is expected to start-up at the beginning of 2012. SCIPIG will deliver HYCO gases to the Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai.

Prior to this contract, SCIPIG supplied oxygen and nitrogen from its air separation facility to meet the requirements of various users at the Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai.

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