FedEx Updates Schedule For Asia-Pacific Hub In Guangzhou

FedEx has updated the schedule of operations for its new Asia-Pacific Hub at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in southern China.

Now in the testing phase, the new Asia-Pacific Hub is expected to be fully operational the first half of 2009. The revised operations date provides FedEx with the necessary time to fully test all systems and processes, as well as work closely with the Guangzhou authorities to ensure all necessary approvals are in place.

FedEx report that in recent months significant progress has been made in key areas, including construction, IT, employee training, and the installation of the hub's package and sorting system, which comprises of 16 high-speed sorting lines, seven round-out conveyer belts, as well as a total of 90 primary and secondary document-sorting splits. This system will enable FedEx to sort up to 24,000 packages an hour at the start of operations.

The new hub features its own ramp control tower — a first for an international air express cargo company facility in China.

"Since we announced plans for a new FedEx Asia-Pacific Hub in Guangzhou in 2005, we have achieved many important milestones toward our vision of delivering growth while providing our customers with expanded access to the global marketplace," said David L. Cunningham Jr., president Asia Pacific, FedEx Express. "As the largest FedEx hub outside of the U.S., it will help stimulate business both in southern China and globally, and will enable us to meet the growing demands for air express services in the region over the next three decades."

Operations testing has begun, which includes the Hong Kong and Guangzhou cross-border transportation processes, sorting systems, and flight operations. FedEx say that there will be no service impact to FedEx global customers as a result of the revised operating schedule, since the current Asia-Pacific Hub located in Subic Bay will continue operations.

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