Changzhou Special Transformer Partners With Supreme Of Kolkata

Changzhou Special Transformer Company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kolkata, India-based Supreme & Company Pvt.

Under this agreement, CST will manufacture distribution transformers with voltage ratings of up to 33 KV for Supreme to market and distribute in new international markets. This strategic partnership is aimed at expanding CST's customer base while supplementing Supreme's existing product range of power equipment accessories and power transmission supplies.

Changzhou Special Transformer is located in the Changzhou Economic Development Zone. The company manufactures both oil immersed and dry type distribution transformers and a full series of special transformers such as furnace transformers, rectifier transformers and amorphous core transformers.

Supreme & Co. is a power accessories company with an annual capacity of 25,000 metric tons of galvanized steel fabrication, aluminum, copper, plastic and rubber accessories catering to the power, telecom, and construction industries. The company also undertakes supplies for power transmission and distribution projects, and has established a customer base and service system with sales in more than 40 countries covering six continents.

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