Chongqing Offers Unemployed Graduates Vocational Training

Chongqing plans to offer training to college graduates who have not been employed since their graduation.

The training service is reported to be available to all students who are natives of Chongqing and who have not been employed over the past three years. These students can go to the Chongqing Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau to apply on site with their graduation certification and ID card plus an application form, or they can apply online on

The training will last three to six months and focus on popular subjects such as electronics, software, chemistry, automobiles, and equipment manufacturing. All the costs involved will be underwritten by Chongqing municipal government.

It is said that 8,363 jobs related to the training are currently available but only 6,399 students have applied. The reason is that some of the students are unwilling to work in grassroots positions while others have not been informed of the training.

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One thought on “Chongqing Offers Unemployed Graduates Vocational Training

  1. Vocational training and crisis
    Present Economical situation emphasize strain and pressure on firms teams.
    How it is possible to tackle these situations and gives co-workers tools for every day ?
    Very often the trainings explain and decompose the mechanisms which are at the origin of the stress, the conflicts, of the absenteeism.
    It is necessary to go farther if we want that these trainings are recognized as effective, that is to give useful tools from day to day, That each can appropriate and especially avoid the stumbling blocks of the trainings going astray on the personal fulfillment.
    Be able to propose also short trainings, because companies are sad has to kick away their co-workers.
    We can greet on the subject the initiative of a company which advanced in this domain.
    Other initiatives should be born
    I advise you to glance at their site, it is very explicit

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