Shenzhen: Paid Holiday Shall Be Offered To Sichuanese Migrant Workers

Shenzhen Municipal Government says that Sichuanese migrant workers who are working in Shenzhen can now ask for paid leave to go home to see their families in the areas affected by the recent earthquake.

According to Guan Lingen, director of Shenzhen Municipal Labor and Social Security Department, there are more than 1.4 million Sichuan migrant workers in Shenzhen. After the earthquake, many of them lost contact with their families and friends. Guan says that the most important task for SMLSSD right now is to find all the Sichuanese migrant workers in the city, comfort them and provide all possible convenience for them to return home to see their families.

In addition to providing a paid holiday for the migrant workers to go home, SMLSSD also asks that each of the companies keep the post for the migrant workers open when they are gone.

SMLSSD says that priorities should be given to deal with the right protection of migrant workers from the disaster areas, and efforts should be made to make sure that they are adequately paid, and their other rights are duly protected. In addition, SMLSSD says that measures should be taken to ensure a stable employment for these migrant workers and convenience be given to ensure those who are jobless can quickly gain employment.

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