Dell Chooses Hunan For New Operations Center

PC maker Dell has announced plans to build a new China operating center in Changsha, capital of Hunan province.

A representative in charge of the project revealed to the local media that after the completion of the new operating center, it will, with Changsha as its center, provide information technology services to Dell's clients around the world.

Due to the rapid growth of the information technology market, Dell has been actively deploying in the Chinese market during the recent period. In the past, Dell mainly located its manufacturing bases in the coastal areas in southeast China like Xiamen. However, with the increase of investments by major PC makers, including HP, Foxconn, Quantatw, Inventec, and Lenovo, in the western areas over the past two years, Dell also decided to set up its flagship base in Chengdu, Sichuan earlier this year. In addition, the plan for the establishment of the Changsha operating center further shows the company's intention to enhance its market in China.

According to statistics published by IDC in December 2010, benefiting from the Chinese home appliances rural subsidy scheme, Lenovo's market share in China increased to 10% in the third quarter of 2010.

Prior to this, Dell acquired Perot Systems for USD3.9 billion in September 2009, making Dell the world's largest information technology service provider in the medical and education fields. In 2008, Perot Systems built its operating center in Changsha for health advisory, clinical transformation, and the delivery of related services to its headquarters. At present, Dell has fully integrated Perot Systems' operating center in Changsha and continues to provide information technology services to Changsha's medical and health system.

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