China's Actions Semi Begins Sampling New Series 2 Products

Zhuhai-based Actions Semiconductor Company, a fabless semiconductor company that provides mixed-signal system-on-a-chip and multimedia digital signal processing solutions for portable consumer electronics, has begun shipping samples of its new Series 2 product family to customers for evaluation.

Actions' Series 2 product family will serve mainstream mono display and small size color display digital audio players. The Series 2 uses 0.153 micron technology to provide a highly integrated 'all-in-one' single-chip digital music player solution. The Series 2 features strong and flexible NAND flash compatibility and can be programmed for multiple digital audio standards. This new product series also has an upgraded video feature, supporting 20 frames per second video quality, as well as AMV and AVI video formats.

The Series 2 product family is reported to feature an efficient on-chip DC-DC converter and pin-to-pin compatibility with the Series 11: the company's former mainstream product line. The solutions offer low power consumption and can act as a USB mass storage device.

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