Chinese Smartphone Maker Expands Device Presence To America

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad has cooperated with American carrier MetroPCS in the launch of its first LTE 4G mobile phone named Quattro in America.

As a CDMA network operator, MetroPCS has CDMA and LTE networks and it is one of the world's first operators to provide LTE products and services. So far, it has established partnerships with Samsung, LG, and Motorola. The products provided by Coolpad can help MetroPCS attract more users and accelerate MetroPCS' distribution and market share growth in the LTE market.

The new product launched in America will reportedly be sold as a joint-brand product of Coolpad and MetroPCS and all the packages, promotion activities and promotion materials will have marks of both companies. This is reportedly one of the first times for a Chinese mobile company to enter the American market with its own branded product instead of being an ODM or OEM.

Commenting on the cooperation, Su Feng, vice president for Coolpad, told local media that Coolpad decided to explore the overseas market with its own branded products after serious consideration. The company has made a ten-year international market plan. With three to five years of basic work and promotion, it aims to become a well-know brand in the American mobile phone market.

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