Praxair China Supplies Nitrogen To Chery Automobile

Praxair China has signed a new contract to supply liquid nitrogen to Chery Automobile Company, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in China.

Chery, which is known as one of the major exporter of Chinese cars, will use the liquid nitrogen during the heat treatment process of the manufacture of automobile parts at its Wuhu plant.

Prior to this contract, Praxair China supplied industrial gases to Wuhu Bonaire Automotive Electrical Systems Company, an affiliate of Chery, and to Tower Automotive (Wuhu) a joint venture between Tower and Chery in China.

David Chow, president of Praxair China, said that Praxair was proud to support the growth and development of Chery with its quality products and technology strength. He added that this is also a good opportunity for Praxair to make more contributions to the rapidly growing Chinese automobile market.

As one of the leading automobile manufacturers in China, Chery has independent designs and technology and places great importance on technical solutions related to supply.

Praxair is one of the world's largest industry gas suppliers. Its affiliate Praxair China is a leading industry gas provider based in Shanghai with 17 wholly owned companies, ten joint ventures and over 1,200 employees.

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