Rohm And Haas Opens Sanshui Manufacturing Facility In Guangdong

Rohm and Haas Company has officially launched the initial operations of its new manufacturing plant in Sanshui, Guangdong Province.

To date, the company says it has invested approximately US$10 million in this site, which will make products based on acrylic emulsion technology. This is a significant milestone for Rohm and Haas's strategic footprint in China and further demonstrates the company's commitment to the South China coatings market.

The new plant has more than 20 thousand metric tons of capacity, and can be expanded to meet future needs in this rapidly growing market. Products made at this facility include environmentally advanced water-based binders and emulsions used to make consumer paints and coatings. Sanshui also produces polyacrylic acid dispersant products used in detergents and mining applications.

"South China comprises 40 percent of China's total coatings industry. This huge market potential, along with our global expertise as the world's leading supplier of materials for the paint and coatings industry, brings us here. We are most grateful to the Sanshui government for their support. Our success here would not be possible without them," said Helen Zhang, Greater China general manager, Rohm and Haas Paint and Coatings Materials.

Rohm and Haas China Research and Development Center opened in September 2006 and is located in the Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Industrial Zone. It has over 600 employees, 200 among which are R&D scientists, engineers and technicians. With a total investment target of US$60 million, Rohm and Haas has spent US$30 million in the first phase of the CRDC.

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