China Green Agriculture, Inc. Expanding Fertilizer Facilities

China Green Agriculture, Inc. a producer and distributor of organic humic acid based liquid compound fertilizer through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shaanxi TechTeam Jinong Humic Acid Product Co., Ltd., is expanding its fertilizer manufacturing facilities at its headquarters in Shaanxi.

The new manufacturing facilities, which broke ground in May of this year, will increase China Green Agriculture's annual organic fertilizer output by an additional 40,000 tons, from 10,000 tons per year to 50,000 tons. To date, China Green Agriculture has completed its foundation work for the new facility and is currently constructing the main building. In addition, the Company has recently finalized contracts for the purchase and installation of all equipment that will be used in the manufacturing facility including dryers, mixers, reactors, etc. This equipment was custom ordered from a medical machinery manufacturer to function in accordance with the company's proprietary automated control system, allowing China Green Agriculture to manufacture high grade, uniform quality fertilizer products. The new facility will be able to produce granular HA fertilizer, diversifying the Company's product offering from liquid fertilizers.

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