BMP Sunstone Wins China SFDA License To Make And Sell Pediatric Multivitamin Granules

Sunstone (Tangshan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMP Sunstone Corporation, has received a production license from the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration to manufacture and market GoodBaby Multivitamin Granules in China.

The Company expects to launch the product — a multivitamin formula for infants and children — at the end of the fourth quarter of 2008.

Zhiqiang Han, president and CEO of BMP Sunstone, commented that pediatric multivitamins were an ideal extension of the GoodBaby brand as they build on BMP's existing brand strength and pediatric focus. He added that demand for vitamin supplements is a substantial emerging market opportunity in China, where vitamin deficiency is common, especially in infants and children. He estimated that the market for pediatric vitamins could reach CNY2 billion within the next five years at a sustainable annual growth rate of 15%. He stated that the approved product was developed to meet the special metabolic and nutritional requirements of Chinese children.

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