Zhejiang Businesses Support Reconstruction Of Qingchuan

After inspecting Qingchuan and Guangyuan in Sichuan Province for three days, more than 40 companies from Zhejiang Province have decided to donate CNY20.8 million for nine schools, and signed four letters of intent for investment projects totaling CNY400 million.

The 40 companies are the first batch to participate in the initiative organized by the Sichuan and Zhejiang provincial governments, and are members of Zhejiang Council of Businessman, Zhejiang Chambers of Commerce and other organizations. Over ten companies including Zhejiang Salfo Group and Zhejiang World Trade Center have donated a total of CNY10.3 million for several schools; and the Zhejiang Chambers of Commerce in Jiangsu and Beijing have decided to give CNY10.5 million for the construction of schools and libraries in Qingchuan County.

Besides supporting the reconstruction of Qingchuan, these Zhejiang businessmen are looking for opportunities to foster the industrial development of disaster areas.

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