Zhenshi Group Gains Supply From Praxair

Praxair China has signed a deal with Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Company to supply oxygen, nitrogen and argon for its 500,000-ton stainless steel project.

Praxair will build a new air separation plant in Jiaxing with a capacity of 400 tons per day. The plant is scheduled to start up in mid-2009. In addition to supplying Eastern Special Steel, Praxair will produce by-product liquids to meet the growing demand of the neighboring markets.

With guests from Jiaxing Municipality, Nanhu District Government, XinFeng Town, Zhenshi Group and Praxair China, a signing and groundbreaking ceremony was held at Eastern Special Steel’s plant on April 29.

"Winning this contract provides us with the opportunity to both demonstrate our world-class quality, service and technology to Eastern Special Steel and support the regional economic development of Jiaxing," said David Chow, president of Praxair China.

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