China's American Dairy Reinforces Its Commitment To High Product Quality

China based American Dairy; a producer and distributor of premium infant formula; milk powder; and soybean, rice and walnut products; has announced its continued commitment to quality and safety first and continuance of strict operational improvements in light of the unfortunate events involving infant formula products in China.

This commitment was reinforced by the fact that, after government regulator inspection, American Dairy was not named as one of the 22 enterprises with traces of melamine in their products. The Company also passed all aspects of quality control inspections instigated by the recent melamine crises reported in China.

Leng You Bin, chief executive officer of American Dairy, stated that Feihe is a nationally established and trusted premium brand in China and the company expects that Chinese consumers will continue to seek their brand for quality and consistency. He added that they understand the great responsibility that comes with manufacturing products for children and take their role very seriously. "We are in a unique time in our industry where demand for our products is increasing and we are committed to continuously enforcing our strict adherence to quality."

Jonathan Chou, the company's chief financial officer, stated that American Dairy remained committed to satisfying their vision of quality first for infant milk products as well as other nutritional products. This is in line with the company's integrated strategy of dairy farms with Holstein dairy cows in Kedong and Gannan County of Heilongjiang Province which are built according to international standards.

American Dairy say that all their facilities all built according to international GMP designs with GMP certifications. Since 2000, the Company has been certified to ISO 9002 and HACCP.

Feihe Dairy, American Dairy's flagship operating company, was also one of the first dairy enterprises to receive QS Certifications for quality by the Chinese administration.

Shares of American Dairy's rival Mengniu Dairy were suspended on the morning on September 17, pending an announcement from the company that could affect its share price.

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