Alibaba Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Chinese e-commerce service provider Alibaba has released a social responsibility report will set up a special social responsibility department to promote the development of the social responsibility management system within the company.

In the meantime, Jin Jiankang, senior vice president of Alibaba, unveiled Alibaba's core development strategy to the public, which says that the company's core strategy is to build e-commerce infrastructure and foster an open, cooperative and prosperous e-commerce ecosystem. Jin says that social responsibility is one of the major indices that Alibaba will use to review the performance of its subsidiaries and the company's various business patterns will be fixed based on social responsibility.

Speaking of the Alibaba's social responsibility practice, Jin believes that Alibaba has made two major contributions to the society. One is that it has established a credible online business system and the other is that it has empowered millions of businesspeople to carry out e-commerce business and made them into one important economic force in China.

The company says it believes that social responsibility should not be an empty concept, nor should it be limited to charity or donations. Instead it should be closely related to a company's value concepts, human resources and business patterns.

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