CCSA Begins Working On Environmental Standard For Communications Industry

Electronics manufacturers will soon have new rules to obey as the China Communications Standards Association's Communications Product Environment Protection Standard Special Task Team has formally initiated their study on a standard regarding the non-hazardous treatment standard of waste communications products and harmful substances.

As one of the ten major communications environmental protection standards raised by the Standardization Administration of China in 2007, this standard will be made more conformable to the actual needs of the communications industry by embodying the full needs of the industry and raising technical requirements on the treatment of harmful and poisonous materials during the recycling process.

Until now, China has completed the drafting of six national standards regarding the recycling of communications products. The six standards, which are currently under approval, are Communications Network Equipment Recycle and Treatment Standard; Communications Terminal Equipment Recycle and Treatment Standard; Communications Recording Media Recycle Standard; The Recycle Standard of Lithium Battery Used in the Communications Industry; the Recycle Standard of Accumulator Used in the Communications Industry; and Technical Standard on the Recycle of Telecommunications Terminal Products and Waste Communications Products.

In addition, China is also working on other related regulations like Recycle Economy Law and Waste Electronics Recycle Management Rule.

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