Tongjitang Files Suit Over IPR

Tongjitang Chinese Medicines Company, one of China's leading specialty pharmaceutical companies, has announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Jilin Liaoyuan Yulongyadong Pharmaceutical for violation of PRC intellectual property protection laws.

The action, filed on May 28, 2008 in Guiyang Intermediate People's Court, seeks to prevent Yulongyadong from infringing upon the Tonjitangs trademark by deliberately copying its product, Xianling Gubao.

"Our manufacturing method is a certified trade secret in the PRC, and we are dedicated to protecting the reputation and brand strength of our products. Xianling Gubao is the leading TCM treatment for osteoporosis in China, and we will aggressively push to ensure that the laws governing trademark use are enforced in an attempt to prevent harm to our customers and investors. We are working diligently to ensure that our customers are neither misled nor confused at the point of sale," said Xiaochun Wang, Tongjitang's chairman and CEO.

In addition to Xianling Gubao, the Tongjitang manufactures and markets 10 other modernized TCM products and 37 western medicines.

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