Motorola Wins Chinese Patent Infringement Case

Motorola has announced the favorable results of a a lawsuit it filed against a Chinese company for patent infringement.

In 2007, Motorola filed the suit against Guangzhou Weierwei Electronic Science and Technology Company because Weierwei's two-way radio model number VEV 3188 was claimed to fall within the scope of a Motorola Chinese design patent.

Motorola says last December the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing determined that the VEV 3188 two-way radio infringed Motorola's design patent, and Weierwei was ordered to cease the manufacture and sales of VEV 3188 two-way radios and to financially compensate Motorola.

"We are very pleased that the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing recognizes the importance of intellectual property protection and has ruled in Motorola's favor," said Jonathan P. Meyer, Motorola senior vice president for Intellectual Property Law. "Motorola invests extensive human and financial resources to bring compelling designs to market, and the company will remain vigilant in protecting the value of this investment."

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