Johnson Electric Opens New Johnson Medtech Plant in China

Johnson Medtech, the medical products network of Johnson Electric, one of the world's largest providers of motion actuators, announced the opening of a new facility in Shajing, China and reported that the plant has also received ISO 13485 certification.

This new facility is exclusively devoted to the design and manufacture of world-class medical devices, and increases Johnson Medtech's ability to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

The International Organization for Standardization, a multinational organization of representatives from national standards groups, issues the ISO 13485 certification to medical device manufacturing facilities that have demonstrated compliance with the stringent requirements needed to deliver quality products to clients and their patients. Johnson Medtech's ISO 13485 certification acknowledges that the facility meets or exceeds these infrastructure requirements for the design and manufacture of reliable medical devices. Johnson Medtech's new Shajing facility joins the network's plants in the U.S. and U.K. that have received ISO certifications, acknowledging the group's dedication to quality manufacturing.

"Johnson Medtech is on a rapid growth path that requires increased manufacturing capabilities," said Jim Dick, senior vice president of Johnson Electric. "This new facility in Shajing enables us to continue to provide the finest in medical device manufacturing with fastest time-to-market turnaround and the indisputable quality indicated by its ISO 13485 certification."

Medical device manufacturers throughout the world choose Johnson Medtech for high-quality, end-to-end design, prototyping and manufacturing. The new industry-certified and approved Shajing plant adds to the more than five million square feet of design and manufacturing workspace already owned by the network on six continents, expanding operations and enabling Johnson Medtech to meet its growing customer needs.

Johnson Medtech is a global network consisting of the medical business groups of Johnson Electric, one of the world's largest providers of motion actuators. Johnson Medtech's innovative end-to-end capabilities for design, prototyping and manufacturing make it an ideal partner for medical device manufacturers. With design engineering facilities worldwide, and ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities in the U.S., China and the U.K., Johnson Medtech provides its customers personalized consulting and the most efficient manufacturing and supply chain management. Johnson Medtech has helped hundreds of medical device manufacturing companies design and manufacture products for every medical device market.

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