Ministry Of Agriculture: Product Quality A Top Priority

Gao Hongbin, vice minister of China's Ministry of Agriculture, said that MA will start building a long-term mechanism to ensure the quality of Chinese agricultural products while also consolidating the achievements they made during the recent special campaign on product quality and food safety.

Gao said they would complete the task of building the long-term mechanism through four steps. First, focus would be on strengthening the building of relevant system, including the system for supervising, destroying and recalling agricultural products as well as the system for pre-warning and emergency solution. Second, to enhance the testing and inspection system and the construction of the supervision team. Third, to promote the standardization of agriculture and try to set up an agriculture standard that is both suitable to the Chinese situation and international standards within three to five years. Finally, to take joint action to ensure agricultural products' quality and safety with concerned Chinese provincial governments.

Gao said though MA had successfully completed the task of straightening out farm product quality, it still had a long way to go to ensure agricultural product safety.

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