Hormel Foods Opens Chinese Innovation Center

Meat food company Hormel has opened an Idea and Innovation Center in China, which is devoted to creating innovative new products for Chinese consumers.

"This new facility represents the future of Hormel Foods, combining local expertise, a heritage of innovation and 116 years of quality," said Jeffrey M. Ettinger, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer, Hormel Foods. "Our local meat experts will work closely with our Research and Development team in the United States as they lead this facility and guide the innovative process."

The 5,000-square-foot Idea and Innovation center is adjoined with the Hormel Foods processing facility in the Baoshan District of Shanghai. The center will facilitate the entire creative process, from ideation to testing and manufacturing, and includes a sensory panel room for evaluation of products as well as a fully-functional duplicated plant.

The center will serve Hormel Foods facilities in both Beijing and Shanghai, and will be overseen by Rubin Lin, research and development manager for China, and Mike Forbes, manager of production for China.

"As we continue to grow internationally, it is essential we adapt to changing local tastes, cultures and lifestyles," said Richard A. Bross, president, Hormel Foods International Corporation. "The new Idea and Innovation Center in China will help us build our diversified product portfolio and better serve our Chinese customers."

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