YouiBot Advances Its Robotic Manufacturing Plan WIth New Round Of Investment

YouiBot announced recently that it has completed two rounds of B-series financing, the accumulated amount exceeded RMB300 million.

The two rounds of financing mainly come from the investment of FG Venture and Xicheng Jinrui, followed by the investment of IDG, Pine Venture, SIG, BlueRun Venture, SoftBank and HAX, and TAIHECAP was designated as the exclusive financial advisor. The investment institutions in early period include ZhenFund, C&I Capital, INNO, BOLE and XJTU 1896.

As a leading mobile robot and solution provider in China, YouiBot is rooted in industrial logistics, intelligent routine inspection and operation and maintenance, specialized in production and operation scenarios of precision electronic manufacturing and energy industry and always keeps its first ranking in semiconductor and power plant. So far, YouiBot has become the cooperative partner of many famous brands in domestic and abroad such as LUXSHARE ICT, ASM, CRRC, FAST, China Huaneng, AICC, COMAC and Hitachi, covering 26 provinces and cities, with the products being exported to more than 30 countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain and Germany.

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