China's Huawei Announces More Sales To Hong Kong

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei Technologies has announced that the company has gained a new GPON FTTH commercial project contract from Wharf T&T, the second largest business fixed line operator in Hong Kong.

Competing with several overseas peers, Huawei won the GPON FTTH project with leading program designs and product technologies. Its advanced and stable network as well as statistical characteristics can reportedly meet the demands of Wharf T&T, who focuses on corporate users. In addition, Huawei's advantages in ODN network and circuit protection technology ensure its winning of the contract.

Yang Zhirong, president of Huawei's access network product line, told local media that the company is pleased to be able to obtain the GPON FTTH project contract from Wharf T&T. With its leading solutions and experience in commercial networks, Huawei will help Wharf T&T provide better services to its corporate customers.

Backed by the state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, Wharf T&T is the second largest business fixed line operator as well as the first and only comprehensive ICT service provider in Hong Kong, focusing on the business sector. It announced a "+EN" investment project on January 19, 2010, stating that it will invest HKD1 billion to leapfrog development of its fixed network infrastructure and to pioneer the development of IT-as-a-Service for business customers.

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