Pricerite Group Makes Inroads Into Hong Kong

Pricerite Group Limited and HKBN Group announced a long-term corporate strategic and business partnership to leverage their respective marketing and technological excellence to deliver enhanced value for both companies and their customers.

In the next 5 years, HKBN Enterprise Solutions will provide premier telecom service to Pricerite Group for strengthening the development of its New Retail service, while Pricerite Group will extend its exciting offerings to over 1 million HKBN customers.

This strategic partnership allows the broad customer base of the two companies to enjoy a great number of premium offers, thereby achieving a win-win situation. Starting from today, customers who register designated HKBN home broadband or mobile plans via online can earn up to HK$400 in Pricerite cash coupons by using a designated promotional code. Residents of MALIBU and St Martin Phase 2 who spend HK$1,000 or above at Pricerite, or register for measurement order at TMF, can enjoy HKBN home broadband service on a contract-free basis with a 6-month monthly fee and installation fee waiver on HKBN home broadband service; while selected HKBN customers who register and install designated home broadband plans can get a total of over HK$1,000 Pricerite shopping coupons, a TMF measurement order waiver and an extra 3% discount on tailor made furniture*.

Dr. Bankee Kwan, Chairman of Pricerite Group said, "Pricerite Group is determined to keep a firm foothold in Hong Kong and serve the Hong Kong community. Despite challenges ahead, we are dedicated to developing the home furnishing market in Hong Kong. Under current adversity, Pricerite Group has joined hands with the industry, together we have stimulated creativity and strived to provide quality while competitive services to our customers. We will continue to seek further collaborations with HKBN in all aspects, especially on technology, with an aim of a win-win situation in the long run."

HKBN Co-Owner and Executive Vice-chairman William Yeung said, "This win-win collaboration with Pricerite Group demonstrates the high flexibility of HKBN's Barter & Bundle programme, which co-creates long-term value with our enterprise customers. Looking ahead, we will continue to step up collaborations with different companies to bring more benefits for both residential and enterprise customers while accelerating business growth."

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