Need Covid-19 Supply Chain Financing? This Firm May Be Able To Help

Tradewind Finance, an international trade finance company, is offering more flexible financing solutions to address the economic and operational upheaval businesses are presently facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The solutions that have been rolled out are intended to help buyers and sellers overcome cash flow and supply chain challenges during a time of global disruption. This includes Tradewind Finance's move to finance payment terms of up to 180 days for new shipments. With a longer financing period available, suppliers can offer extended payment terms to their buyers. Overall, suppliers and buyers can build a more transparent and trusting relationship with the help of international trade finance companies who can work with both business partners to grow and succeed together.

As supply chains are rattled, the firm is staying attuned to their clients' needs and is maximizing their efforts to curb these disruptions. They are providing creative solutions to their clients faced with various scenarios, such as those who are forced to hold onto goods that have already been produced.

Not only is Tradewind Finance creating working capital for their clients and alleviating stress on supply chains with more lenient financing parameters, but they are also offering these solutions to new businesses who are interested in their services to help them through the impacts of the current global crisis. The firm works with exporters and importers across a myriad of industries, including medical supplies, seafood, electronics, and apparel.

Tradewind's trade finance services have helped companies for over 20 years by accelerating cash flow to their businesses. During this challenging period for companies everywhere, Tradewind's global chief financial officer and senior executive officer Peter Maerevoet insists that trust and collaboration between buyers and suppliers is the key to viability over other immediate fixes that can destroy companies in the long run.

Recently, Maerevoet was approached by Sourcing Journal, a leading apparel and textile publication that serves a worldwide readership of sourcing executives, supply chain executives and others within the industry, to weigh in on the havoc that has been wrought on retailers and suppliers in the fashion sector. Tradewind Finance has been instrumental in financing the apparel and textile industry for two decades and can help charter fashion companies to safer waters during the current period.

With the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19, retailers and suppliers have to choose whether to cooperate under these new circumstances to preserve partnerships, or instead think of their own survival in the short term, no matter the cost. Maerevoet shares his thoughts on why trust and collaboration are critical in the Sourcing Journal article titled, "Collaboration, Compassion Key for Supply Chain Crisis Management", in which he was featured:

"Relationships with mutual trust have a much better chance to survive crises than some opportunistic or tactical price-driven relationships." "I think that's something you will see in the next couple of months that a lot of these opportunistic relationships… will stop forever or at least for a couple of years. And those strategic relationships where people have had mutual trust for many years will survive the crisis and they'll even be stronger."

As businesses look to survive — and even thrive — in a period with negative impacts that permeate all facets of the world, Tradewind Finance is providing much-needed support to weather the storm. With the firm's cash flow solutions, credit protection, and facilitation of longer payment terms, buyers and suppliers can maintain their business partnerships and overcome cash flow hurdles.

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