Huawei Gains Approval To Make Phones In India

Chinese telecom device maker Huawei confirmed that the company has gained a key approval related to mobile phone manufacturing from the Indian government which lays a foundation for the company's mobile phone production in the country.

Huawei submitted this application to the Indian government 19 months ago. At present, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is striving to develop the country's manufacturing industry and Huawei's entry into the Indian market will promote this strategy.

The Indian mobile phone market has been developing rapidly. So far, there are 975 million mobile phone accounts in the country and nearly 150 million users use imported smartphones.

Allen Wang, Huawei's president of consumer business, said that India is an important overseas market for Huawei. They aim to become one of the top three companies in this marketplace within three years.

Huawei had already established its research and development unit in India and the company is making phones for export in Tamil Nadu. By opening R&D and manufacturing centers in India, Huawei will be able to provide high-end phones to Indian consumers — who are sensitive to prices — at low costs.

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