American Mobile Developer Cancels Agreement In China

Executives from U.S.-based Cyanogen announced at a conference in Beijing that their company would cancel their current agreement with Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus.

As a result of this decision, the exclusive system dispute between OnePlus and MicroMax, a smartphone maker in India, will also end. In 2014, OnePlus launched a smartphone product named OnePlus One in India, which runs on Cyanogen OS customized system and was well received in the local market. However, MicroMax later claimed that they were the exclusive partner of Cyanogen in India and sued OnePlus, which led to the suspension of sales of the Chinese smartphone.

Kondik said that Cyanogen and OnePlus have different visions for software and the two parties have been arguing about it. Therefore, it is impossible for them to continue a cooperation.

Though terminating cooperation with OnePlus, Cyanogen said they will seek new partners in China and they prefer those who want to promote their products to the international market. The company did not reveal the name of their new partner, but it is reportedly a manufacturer focusing on the low-end phone sector.

Cyanogen is currently the largest third-party Android coding team in the world. Based on the Android system, its CyanogenMod ROM provides more personalized controlling options than many rivals.

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