Hangzhou Ikea Store Will Open On June 25

Ikea's new store in Hangzhou will be opened on June 25, 2015, and over 230 employees at this new store reportedly started working on May 1.

According to reports in Chinese local media, the store is located at No. 5 Qiaomo West Road, Ikea's new store in Hangzhou has an area of 43,000 square meters. The underground floor and the first floor are parking areas, providing 953 parking spaces. During the opening period, the store will expect more consumers and it borrowed three neighboring areas as temporary parking spaces and the total number of parking spaces will reach about 3,000.

The second floor of the store is a home supplies area, which displays over 8,000 pieces of furniture and home supplies. In addition, this floor includes a 190-square-meter playing area for children.

The third floor is for model rooms and its 60 model rooms demonstrate various lifestyles. Consumers can also check those model rooms via the official Ikea website. In addition, based on the habits and house types of local citizens, Ikea will adjust their model rooms to offer different home decoration inspirations and solutions.

By joining Ikea's membership club, consumers can also enjoy monthly special offers, extended return periods, and free coffee.

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