California Group Upsets Chinese Auto Manufacturer's USA Ambitions

BYD, a Chinese green technology automobile manufacturer, is facing criticism in the United States over jobs and wages.

Los Angeles community groups organized by the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy demonstrated last week outside the Los Angeles offices of BYD. LAANE says the purpose was "to decry the company's rotten treatment of workers and hollow promises of good jobs for Angelenos".

BYD issued a statement saying it "is perplexed by the misinformation being spread". BYD says it has been in a standard product testing phase in accordance with regulatory guidelines. BYD also says it is dedicated to properly paying its employees under California's wage and hour laws.

LAANE claims the California Department of Industrial Relations recently cited and fined BYD for violating labor laws with 22 employees in California, including allegedly paying Chinese workers in Los Angeles the illegal wage of USD1.50 per hour.

BYD says the information and claims that it paid its Chinese staff low wages was "incomplete" and the company is reaching out to the California Labor Commissioner's office to address these issues.

BYD says it is fully committed to being a good corporate citizen and employer in California. American investor Warren Buffett owns about 10% in the company.

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