Hong Kong Issues Warning About Imported Recyclable Materials

Responding to recent rumors that trash from mainland China is bound for Hong Kong dumps, Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department says the the import of recyclable materials for disposal in Hong Kong is a violation of the law.

Hong Kong has strict laws which prohibit the disposal of imported waste locally. While the import and export of recyclable materials for recycling purpose is allowed under Hong Kong's Waste Disposal Ordinance, the import of such materials for disposal in Hong Kong is against the law, and the EPD says it is vigilant in taking enforcement action against such activities.

At present, all waste deliveries to the landfills are reportedly checked at the landfill entrance by the EPD and the landfill contractors. Information on the waste delivery vehicle, waste type and quantity are logged for each delivery. Any suspect deliveries are intercepted at the landfill entrance for further inspection and follow-up investigation as necessary. The EPD says until now there has been no indication of deliveries of imported waste or imported recyclables to the landfills for disposal.

The EPD has also stepped up inspection at landfill entrances since March this year in order to prevent illegal disposal of imported waste at the landfills.

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