International Anti-Financial Crime Summit 2013 To Be Held Next Month In Beijing

The International Anti-Financial Crime Summit 2013 is due to take place from August 22nd-23rd, 2013 in Beijing, China. With the recent change in China’s leadership and developments in international legislation, now is the time to get a firm grasp of new policies and regulations and the means by which organizations can implement them effectively. This will be the event of the year at which to do this.

Money laundering and other examples of financial crime have tainted both the political and corporate arenas in recent months, with established organizations in the medical, banking and retail sectors, among others, falling short of compliance standards. These failures indicate structural inadequacies and a lack of understanding and implementation of financial crime prevention procedures by staff. With the constantly-evolving nature of legal requirements corporations are required to remain and aware of and adapt to them to protect themselves from international financial sanctions. This one-of-a-kind event will provide a platform to explore comprehensively the triumphs and shortcomings of organizations to date. Among the topics to be discussed are the challenges of corporate compliance, how to identify financial crime risks associated with the mobile and e-Banking businesses, cross-border RMB transactions, and third party payment processors, and the dynamics of legislation and regulatory enforcement.

Many esteemed speakers from authorities and world-leading companies will be invited to shed light on these issues and more. As well as these industry experts, lawyers, consultants and many other distinguished guests from across the industry are expected to attend the summit.

Duxes is proud to be working with leaders of the anti-financial crime area again to produce what we hope will be an event of deep significance for all involved. We are grateful for the continued support of our sponsors and delegates and are looking forward immensely to working together again. The activities throughout the event will encourage the participation of our speakers and delegates alike, with plenty of opportunities for networking, allowing all participants to gain valuable insight into the industry and all it entails. For those seeking to enhance their business practices and establish healthy corporate cultures for 2013 going forward, this will be the place to be!

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