More Chinese Smartphones Shipped So Far This Year

From January to June 2012, China's mobile phone shipment reached over 190 million units, including 107 million 3G mobile phones, according to statistics released by China Academy of Telecommunication Research of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

During the first half of 2012, a total number of 2,099 types of new mobile phones were launched in the Chinese market, of which 1,298 were 2G mobile phones and 801 were 3G ones. In June alone, 166 new 3G mobile phones were launched in the country, exceeding the number of newly launched 2G mobile phones for the first time.

During the first half of 2012, China had 1,272 new GSM mobile phones, accounting for 60.6% of the total; the number of new CDMA1X products was 26, accounting for 1.24%; the number of new TD-SCDMA products was 151, accounting for 7.19%; the number of new WCDMA products was 476, accounting for 22.68%; and the number of new CDMA2000 products was 174, accounting for 8.29%.

In regards to the shipment of various mobile phones, the shipment of GSM mobile phones was 81.915 million units, accounting for 42.04% of total shipment; CDMA1X shipment was 6.076 million units, accounting for 3.12%; TD-SCDMA shipment was 25.578 million units, accounting for 13.13%; WCDMA shipment was 53.1 million units, accounting for 27.25%; and CDMA2000 shipment was 28.197 million units, accounting for 14.47%.

Meanwhile, of the 2,099 newly launched mobile phones, 822 were smartphone products, accounting for 39.16% of the total. Furthermore, 801 of them adopted the Android system, accounting for 97.44% of total smartphones. In addition, Chinese-made mobile phones contributed three-quarters of the total shipment.

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