Guyana Sources Tech Products From Chinese Firm

Chinese electronics group Haier has signed an agreement with the government of Guyana to provide laptops for the "One Laptop Per Family" initiative of the country.

This is a new achievement for Haier in the overseas market after gaining a 170,000-unit order in Macedonia, a 120,000-unit order in Brazil, and a 30,000-unit order in Nigeria.

Guyana's One Laptop per Family initiative was launched in May 2011, aiming to distribute 90,000 laptops to 90,000 poor families in the next two years. The government of Guyana has started a worldwide public bidding and published strict requirements related to the performance, after-sales services, training and logistics about the laptops. During the four-month bidding, 11 brands, including HP, Dell, Sony, Acer and Asus, participated in the competition; while Haier exclusively gained the order for the first batch of the project with its quality products, localized after-sales services and logistics.

The first batch of Haier laptops will be delivered to Guyana at the end of October 2011. According to a representative from Guyana, the reasons for Haier's winning of the bidding are not only attributed to its high-performance products, but also because the company has established an after-sales center in Guyana to provide localized services to people in the country. In addition, Haier plans to build a new training center to help improve the computer knowledge of users in Guyana.

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