Asus Chooses Chongqing For Computer Manufacturing Base

The one of world's leading computer providers, Asus has signed an agreement with Chongqing to locate its worldwide computer manufacturing base and its second Chinese operational headquarters in the city.

This move marks the construction of a multi-functional base, which is important to Asus' global strategic distribution. It will also accelerate the building of an industrial structure that integrates branded notebook providers, OEMs, and parts providers in Chongqing.

Under the agreement, Asus will invest USD150 million in Chongqing in the next few years to realize an annual production scale of 30 million smart terminals, including notebooks and tablet computers. Meanwhile, Asus will register its second operational headquarters on the Chinese mainland in the high-tech zone of Chongqing. The new operational headquarters will reportedly combine foundry management, marketing, and research and development to become an important base for the company's expansion in the western markets of China.

According to reports in local media, Chongqing's computer output increased by 22 times year-on-year in the first quarter of 2011, and its output of notebooks is expected to reach 30 million sets by the end of the year.

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