Sanyo Recalls TVs Made In Shanghai

Due to a sub-standard insulation function, Shanghai Suoguang Visual Products Company Ltd, Sony's joint venture in China, has recently submitted a report to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China to recall 7,038 Sony-branded LCD TVs made between December 2010 and March 2011 in Shanghai.

The insulation function of the 7,038 TVs, specifically the models KDL-40CX520 and KDL-46CX520, reportedly failed to meet Sony's design requirement in extreme conditions like high temperature, high humidity and prolonged use. Some users may feel minor tingling when touching the metal parts of the products or the metal parts of external devices connected to the products.

Shanghai Suoguang said that it will implement free-of-charge examinations and maintenance repairs to the TVs covered in the recall range.

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5 thoughts on “Sanyo Recalls TVs Made In Shanghai

  1. My sanyo after 2 years the screen went black all of these needs to be recalled as I am thinkingof bringing a class action law suit agianist the company for the poor quality, we live on a fixed income took 7 months to save and now have to buy another one, it is a shamethat they have such poor quality and NO PRIDE in their company, they will soon history if they do not start making better products I sure have learned to look for reviews of TV's and other products so save us all time and trouble just recall all the junk or send me my money back or a new TV mayeb if you send me a new one evey 2 years for the next 10 yers I will be satisfied as I thought it would last that long

  2. We bought a sanyo A YEAR AGO and went to turn it on today and absolutely NO SOUND ! We paid $900. For this tv it's despicable !! Unbelievable they have to know by now WITH ALL THE COMPLAINTS I'VE READ ONLINE ONLINE today that they are selling a product they KNOW is not a good product falsely advertising !!!!!

  3. 1/2 the screen black. Was lines now 1/2screen..i know there are recalls and want to know more

  4. Bought tv in 2010 and was functioning but over the course of time is now having increasing issues and looks likebreaking down. I need to know what you are going to do about it. Not a good product. Colored lines on one side of screen and now half screen black.

  5. I have a Sanyo tv and it has green lines flickering through the center of the picture not under warranty and cannot afford to repair so no tv

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