Digital China Partners With American Firm To Bring Sensory Tech To China

American sensing controller manufacturer Leap Motion announced that the company will cooperate with Digital China to develop retail and other sectors in the Chinese market.

The sensing controller product launched by Leap Motion has a camera and other sensors which can track users' finger and arm movements. It can be connected to both PC and Mac, and users can complete various commands with gestures and movements.

Michael Buckwald, chief executive officer of Leap Motion, said that the company's entry into China is very smooth. Though Leap Motion will formally enter the Chinese market at the end of August 2014, its Chinese official website has already been launched and the company also opened its V2 beta version product to Chinese developers. Buckwald said the company formed a partnership with Digital China, which will be responsible for offline retailing and localization of Leap Motion products in China.

Buckwald did not reveal the capitalization level of the China business or its enterprise license scope of business.

So far, Leap Motion's official app store Airspace Store has 204 applications, of which 123 are gaming applications. Meanwhile, Leap Motion's official website shows that the price of its sensing controller is CNY688 and this product is currently sold via

Apart from the gaming sector, Leap Motion plans to embed its sensing controller technology into more applications. The company plans to enter TV, tablet, and even automobile sectors.

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